Allow "Edit/Modify", as well as "Add New" action in "Multiple Links" field—and more explicit ordering

As seen in the screenshot, a "Multiple Links" field can be configured to allow selecting from existing records, or "Add New" to create a new instance of whatever Models were selected for that field;

however you cannot modify existing records from here, even ones you've just created using "Add New".

It would be great if the area that displays the selected/created items would also offer a way to Edit or Modify the items listed there. Also, it would be nice if the ordering of the items there was more explicit, i.e. perhaps they could be listed one under the other, and re-orderable by drag-and-drop, rather than be inline blocks like they are now

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Let me add: my reasoning here, is it would allow me to present just "Page" records to clients, from which they could drill down in to modules and components. Currently I have to present the sub-objects separately: I have a collapsible list of "modules" and also one of "components" (contained by "modules"), which is a little overwhelming for the client

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